A Revolutionary Summer

A Revolutionary Summer is an intensive critical reading and writing program dedicated to shifting harmful narratives about Black women and girls through the meaningful study and creation of literature, art, and the self. Its mission is to present Black girls all across Baltimore with authentic representations of themselves and to simultaneously convince them that they are more than those representations.

Baltimore Safe Haven

Baltimore Safe Haven provides opportunities for a higher quality of life for transgender people in Baltimore City living in survival mode.

Black Girls Cook

Black Girls Cook teaches inner-city adolescent girls of color the meaning of farm to table by operating hands-on cooking classes and growing edible gardens.

Black Girls Vote 4 H.E.R.

The mission of Black Girls Vote is to improve the quality of life for women of color by engaging, educating, and empowering women to activate their voice by utilizing their vote. Black Girls Vote’s Inc.’s subsidiary, BGV 4 H.E.R., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, targeting education and empowerment programming to young women of color under the age of 30.

Black Mental Health Alliance For Education and Consultation, Inc.

The mission of the Black Mental Health Alliance (BMHA) is to develop, promote, and sponsor trusted culturally-relevant educational forums, training, and referral services that support the health and well-being of Black people and vulnerable communities.

Black Womxn Flourish: A Design for Wellbeing Collective

Black Womxn Flourish is a design for wellbeing collective shaping the future of Black womxn’s health and healing through creative, community-led practices. Black Womxn Flourish creates collaborative spaces with people, groups, and movements for visionary gatherings, narrative shaping, practice-based learning, tool, and strategy creation, and healing-centric experiences where Black womxn are redefining and designing what it means to be well.

Listen to Me Documentary

Listen to Me is the story of four Black women and the costs of motherhood. It illuminates the women’s personal pregnancy journeys and their experiences as birth workers and public health experts on the frontlines of the Black maternal health struggle. Beyond dismal statistics, Listen to Me centers the voices and spirit of Black women, including Black women scientists, historians, and politicians, to explain how societal injustices lead to illnesses among Black women in the United States.


MOMCares provides birth and postpartum doula support to Black women navigating high-risk pregnancies as well as black mothers who have a child in NICU care. MOMCares also distributes baby supplies, household supplies, and food to mothers who are working to provide for their families. 

Moms As Entrepreneurs

Moms As Entrepreneurs’ mission is to remove the stigma that moms are unwilling to risk or assume the pressures of being moms and entrepreneurs. Through entrepreneurial training, financial education, and a supportive community, Moms As Entrepreneurs helps moms start sustainable businesses.

Out for Justice

Out for Justice, Inc. is an organization comprised of individuals who are both directly and indirectly impacted by the criminal justice system advocating for the reform of policies and practices that adversely affect successful reintegration into society.